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Improved Safety and Productivity

We provide high value inspection services for all types of winders in the mining industry. Ensuring that your winders operate at maximum productivity, in line with your health & safety requirements, is as important to us as it is to you.

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Inspection Audits

Winder Safety and Productivity go Hand in Hand

Our expertise spans mechanical, hydraulic and electrical winder components. These inspections have demonstrated that with regular service, the life of the winder is extended, while health and safety issues may be assessed and addressed.

Regular Inspections are Proven to Increase Winder Life & Performance

Our meaningful audits on winder capability and safety provide a full report on any requirements for modernization and upgrading of existing installations.

Comprehensive inspection and test procedures can include dynamic brake testing as well as non-destructive testing of winder components by independent parties. Where brake systems are found to be inadequate, we will design, manufacture and install state of the art braking systems in line with modern safety standards.

An inspection report is completed during the site visit and a copy given to the engineer for their records.

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